100-Word Story: Vagabond Vampires

Abandoned House

Vagabond Vampires

We flew towards a better life, seeking something more than the rubble of our ruined world. Our nearest neighbours welcomed us with open arms. They’d never seen a vampire before, but they soon realised that our bad reputation was the result of wild imaginations. We worked alongside the natives to build our shared world. Then the salesman came. He told tales of wicked vampires that brought fear and terror around the world, of the horror we would one day inflict upon their children. He pitched it perfectly and sold the natives silver bullets for the price of a soul.


3 thoughts on “100-Word Story: Vagabond Vampires

  1. What a clever way to suspend common belief of vampires (for the reader, too) and then reintroduce the perceived horror with the advent of a salesmen. It makes that last line powerful. Thanks for joining us at Carrot Ranch this week! Your story will be in the weekly compilation.

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