50 Word Story: Irrational Fears

50 Word Story Irrational Fears

Irrational Fears

There’s only one mirror in my home. I always keep it covered and never touch it after dark. I’m not afraid of seeing my reflection. I’m afraid of seeing what’s standing behind me. You might call it an irrational fear. But I know there’s something there that I can’t see.


10 thoughts on “50 Word Story: Irrational Fears

  1. Mandie Hines says:

    What I love about this piece is not strictly about the words that are written, it’s what those words hint at that are just around the edges of the story.

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      • Mandie Hines says:

        Intriguing. Is that called spectrophobia? Anyhow, I’m working on a horror novel with a few scenes involving mirrors. Seeing things in mirrors that shouldn’t be there can be quite troubling. Or, I suppose, not seeing things that should be there.
        I think some of the best fiction starts from something that is true. And I think when writing horror, you have to start with your own fears and create a story around them. Although, I won’t be writing any stories about serious phobias of mine. That doesn’t sound like fun. I guess they have to be something that you find scary, but interesting as well.
        If you wrote a longer piece based off this fifty-word story, I’d read it for sure.

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        • Spectrophobia or catoptrophobia…those are the technical terms anyway, but most of my irrational fears (of which there are many) come from creepy experiences I’ve had, so I suppose I don’t really think of them as phobias.

          You’ve got way more patience than I have to be able to sit down and write a novel…I can’t concentrate on one story for more than a week at the moment…my brain always wants to get it finished and move onto the next one.

          Mirrors are always good props for horror stories. Candyman scarred me for life 😦

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          • Mandie Hines says:

            Well, I look forward to reading more of your stories. I love flash fiction. I also love horror, the scary kind not so much the gory kind. I’m hoping this story is an indicator that you dabble in the horror realm a good bit. Regardless, I enjoy a wide range of stories. Took me a bit to pick up on the fact that you do some writing based off prompts. I think I just overlooked that part. I enjoy seeing what people can do based from a prompt. When I was younger that’s how I first fell in love with writing was from a prompt.
            Looking forward to more. Happy writing!

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  2. I still need to respond to you in my post, but honestly, I love your work! I know you said you mostly have a niche readership, but horror is one of my favorite genres! I definitely plan to keep reading your work. And thanks so much for commenting on my blog =)

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    • Thank you too! I really appreciate that…it’s always nice to know that someone’s reading and enjoying things I’ve written. Your post on self-doubt was really good…a lot of writers don’t like to admit to having it!


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