50 Word Story: Murmuration


50 Word Story Murmuration


Huge swarms of starlings soared into the sky. Millions of birds – confused, aimless, distressed – smashing into one another. Beaks cracking, wings breaking, insides spilling out. Broken bodies, feathered chaos, littered the streets. Tiny hearts and lungs squished under our feet. Within forty minutes the common starling was extinct.


7 thoughts on “50 Word Story: Murmuration

  1. If you ever write a long horror story, let me know so I can buy your book!!! The imaginary in this short piece was amazing! You have a gift, my friend, please never stop writing.

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    • You’ll be the first to know when I finish my first book-sized story!

      5,000 words is about my limit at the moment when it comes to concentrating on one story, but I’ll get there eventually.

      There’s no danger of me quitting writing…it’s do or die this time. And thank you so much for the lovely feedback 😀

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        • I send most of the short stories straight off to competitions/magazines…but if/when they find a home, I’ll put them up on the blog. Hope you’re enjoying your vacation by the way 🙂


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