Ridiculous Writing Challenge #1


In an attempt to break through my writer’s block, I decided to make up some pointless writing challenges, using ridiculous rules that serve no real purpose.

Challenge #1

To write five alliterative six-word stories.


All the words in each story have to start with the same letter.

My Attempt

1. Seven snakes slithered silently, seeking solitude.

2. Masked maniac meets match. Matrimony, maybe.

3. Coroner caught casually caressing cold corpse.

4. Fishy fireworks. Fragile flesh. Flamegrilled fingers.

5. Dishonourable demagogue deliberately defrauded downtrodden devotees.




8 thoughts on “Ridiculous Writing Challenge #1

  1. Well this was an interesting, if pointless, distraction:

    Carl created, can’t control cadaveric creations.

    Fire, finery, fleshy feasts… Fun funeral!

    Leaping lepers leave limbs lying lazily.

    Mother mandates murder: “Mercy mutates masculinity.”

    Poor parents purchase peddler’s poison pills.

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