99-Word Story: Captive Audience


Captive Audience

James scanned the crowd – his captive audience – searching for the faintest hint of compassion. He found none. They just sat there, staring at him through the glass – faces like ice carved into sombre death masks. They watched as the guard strapped him into the chair and hooked up the electricity. Some sneered, some smiled, but most just stared blankly, as if he were some other species, not made from the same type of flesh and bone as their family members. He prayed for the phone to ring – a last minute reprieve. It never came. Sometimes, justice got it wrong.

Written for Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction 99-Word Challenge


8 thoughts on “99-Word Story: Captive Audience

  1. Mandie Hines says:

    I enjoyed the delay in unraveling what was happening in this story. Probably wouldn’t have felt like a delay in a longer piece, but proved most satisfying in a flash fiction story.

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    • Glad you enjoyed it…it’s always tricky getting the timing right in flash fiction. Reveal everything too soon and it falls flat…reveal too late and it sounds like a punch line.

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  2. Not that this would be something I’d think about, but I never thought about what the faces of those witnessing an execution would look like. Then to consider that justice got it wrong, what a dehumanizing experience. Maybe it always is, even when justice is “served.”

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