99-Word Story: Hello, Goodbye


Hello, Goodbye

“Hello.” The woman knelt down in front of Amelia and brushed her hand gently over the four-year-old’s long blonde hair.

Amelia looked up into the woman’s bright blue eyes and flashed her best smile. The young girl was old enough to understand that first impressions mattered in a place like this. She wasn’t the prettiest, the smartest or even the youngest child in the building, and if she wanted to find a new family, she had to catch their eye.

For one brief moment, she almost had the blue-eyed woman’s attention. Almost.

“Goodbye.” Amelia whispered to no-one but herself.

After being ill for the last few days and doing no writing at all, I thought I’d try and get back into the swing of things with the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge. But I’ve just realised I’m a day late. 😦

Still, it’s worth posting, if only to make it look like it hasn’t been nearly a week since I last posted on here.


9 thoughts on “99-Word Story: Hello, Goodbye

  1. So young to figure out that the hello has to sell. Clever and yet sad take on the prompt. Thanks for coming over! See — you never know when the lead buckaroo might be stranded with a thrown horseshoe. πŸ™‚ Hope you are feeling better!

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