100-Word Story: The Measure of a Man

100 Word Story The Measure of a Man

The Measure of a Man

Eight men stand around a butcher’s table, their faces obscured by the flickering candlelight. Shadows dance across the ceiling as they carve and slice and tear meat away from the bone. Teeth, nails and strands of hair lie discarded on the blood-stained floor.

On the table, a fleshless young man stares out into a space he no longer sees. The skin that once covered his ample frame lies next to his bones, ready to be repurposed. When a world’s food supply runs out, the value of a man is measured by the amount of meat on his bones.

Written for the Daily Prompt: Measure


23 thoughts on “100-Word Story: The Measure of a Man

  1. Mandie Hines says:

    All right, Scarlett, but National Geographic just came out with an article saying that humans are not the nutritious (I’m not kidding).
    Also, I feel like these butchers are the ones who came up with the formula for Soylent Green. I’m of course referring to the food product in the horror film, not the actual meal replacement line called Soylent, which is a real thing (look it up).

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  2. Woah…
    I really enjoyed reading this, and the creepy factor made it even better! I hadn’t read your work before, but now I definitely want to look through you page and find more gems to oodle over!

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