100-Word Story: A Quiet Ending

100 Word Story A Quiet Ending

A Quiet Ending

The sound of dripping water filled the whole building. Every drip amplified by the silence outside.

Droplets of water glided slowly through the air, eventually splattering in the growing puddle on the floor.

Dirty water rolled into the cracks between the floor tiles, soaking through the rotten wood below and dripping into the space underneath the building.

A brown rat looked up just in time to see a droplet of the dirty water splash on to his face. The water seeped into his skin, infecting his tiny body with a virus that no human would live long enough to identify.


8 thoughts on “100-Word Story: A Quiet Ending

  1. Mandie Hines says:

    Loved the ending. I laughed out loud, but it was an evil laugh. This is becoming a thing in my life. I believe it means I’m pleased with the twist in a story. That or I’m preparing to become a villain.

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