100-Word Story: Museum Pieces

100 Word Story Museum Pieces

Museum Pieces

It was a time of great upheaval. Ordinary people were coming together and rising up against the insane ideas of their country’s leaders. The governments of the world desperately sought ways to regain control of their people. They pooled their resources and developed a little box that would tell people what to do, what to think, what to buy and how to behave. The little boxes were a roaring success, with one given pride of place in almost every home. Decades later the little boxes would be displayed in museums and labelled as the greatest mind control devices ever invented.

Written for the Daily Prompt: Control


11 thoughts on “100-Word Story: Museum Pieces

  1. My mother in law, told me the first time her mother, born in the 1890s, saw a TV she said it was a strange little box. She had no idea how big the little box would become…

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