75-Word Story: Silence

75 Word Story Silence


Max heard nothing but silence for the first time in years. No kids screaming, no teenagers slamming doors, no wife complaining. Just blissful, wonderful silence.

One of the paramedics pried the skewer from his hand, while another tried to stop the blood and goo draining from his ears.

The pain was agonising, but Max enjoyed every second of his last few minutes on Earth, basking in the warm comfort of his permanently muted family home.

This started off as a piece for the Daily Prompt: None, but I went off track somewhere along the line.


12 thoughts on “75-Word Story: Silence

  1. I often write TO the prompt rather than writing FROM the prompt. It gives me more freedom in creating. And I think that’s exactly what you did here. “None” is implied throughout, and that’s cool!

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  2. Mandie Hines says:

    That was a twisted little story that escalated quickly, Scarlett. Glad to see you went where the prompt inspired you to go instead of letting it confine you.

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