100-Word Story: Endless Ending

100 Word Story Endless Ending

Endless Ending

Old Luke lies in a hospital bed, staring out from a body that no longer works. A body that will never work again. He watches the hazy figure that stalks the ward each night, touching the chosen ones lightly on the shoulder and releasing them from their flesh-covered prisons. Luke longs to feel the figure’s hazy hand on his shoulder. Some nights he tries to move, tries to shout, tries to blink his eyes – anything to get the figure’s attention. But it never even looks in his direction. It just walks on by and saves its gifts for younger men.

Written for the Daily Prompt: Panicked


14 thoughts on “100-Word Story: Endless Ending

  1. Mandie Hines says:

    Haunting. To long for the grim reaper is so sad, and the figure may be taking people who don’t want to go while Luke just wants the figure to come and end his suffering. Great story, Scarlett.

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