200-Word Story: Going Viral

200 Word Story Going Viral

Going Viral

The man was naked, all except for a pair of sandals and a bright yellow tie that appeared to point down towards his dangling genitals. He ran onto the stage in the middle of a live political debate, watched by twelve million British viewers. He raised his hands and turned to the audience.

“I am the son of God.” He shouted at the crowd.

Horrified politicians stood by, wide-eyed and open-mouthed, as the man jiggled his genitalia and grinned into the camera. Security guards tried to grab him, but the man made a run for it and jumped up onto the podium, pushing the Prime Minister out of the way.

“I am the son of God.” He bellowed into the microphone.

Viewers at home stared at their TV sets and held their breath as security staff finally managed to wrestle the man to the ground.

The man became an overnight star. Within days of the debate, he signed a deal to star in his own TV show, The Naked Jesus. Nobody knew what the show was about, but it didn’t matter. The show was guaranteed to be an instant success.

Sorry, I didn’t manage to stick to writing a story every day throughout May – real life got in the way – but I gave it my best shot. πŸ™‚

Written for the Daily Prompt: Farce


16 thoughts on “200-Word Story: Going Viral

  1. Mandie Hines says:

    Hey, I’m pretty sure I watched that on TV last night.
    And you should be proud that you even attempted that goal. I don’t make goals like that, because I’d probably crash and burn after the first day. It’s weird, because I’ve had lots of jobs with intense deadlines, but if I try to put too much pressure on myself with creative goals, I crumble. I’m productive without them though.

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    • The funny thing is, I’m great with deadlines…I procrastinate until the last minute and then get it done with seconds to spare. But they have to be real deadlines…like a competition or magazine sub. Otherwise I find other things to do 😦

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  2. I did like this tale, I think you also raise an interesting point about what goes viral in this day and age when you state the Naked Jesus was a show no one knew what it was about…..isn’t that true of quite a few programs???

    Liked by 1 person

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