Over three hours ago I sat down to write a story for this blog. Just 100 words. No big deal.

7 pm: Picked up a pencil and sketch pad (my writing tools). Realised I was low on paper. Spent 10 minutes ordering a new sketch pad online.

7.15 pm: Spent another 40 minutes browsing random junk on Amazon.

7.55 pm: Made a cup of tea. Checked email. Replied to emails. Organised emails into folders.

8.20 pm: Tinnitus irritating the hell out of me, so decided to search through YouTube to find the right music to block it out. Instead, watched a TED talk. Then another. And one more. Then watched some outtakes from Peter Kay’s Car Share.

9.50 pm: Finally found the right music. Pressed play. Laptop froze. Had to reboot. Accidentally put it into Safe Mode. Took forever to load back up.

10 pm: Made another cup of tea. Checked email. Replied to emails.

10.20 pm: Wrote half a sentence. Got stuck. Couldn’t think of the right word to use. Went to for inspiration. Got sidetracked by Word of the Day (purloin, in case you were wondering). Spent five minutes reading about the origin of ‘purloin’. Still couldn’t find the word I wanted.

10.30 pm: Stared at the half a sentence I’d written. Realised I’m too tired to write a story now. I’m really annoyed with myself 😦

One Month Old


My blog is a month old today (Happy Birthday, Blog…I’ll buy you something nice later), which means I’ve officially been writing again for a whole werewolf  lunar month. Kind of.

I know I’m a mere baby compared to you seasoned bloggers out there but, as someone who has a mortal fear of committing to anything, I’m just amazed that I finally stuck with something.

Anyway, for my Blog Birthday, I got the lovely surprise of winning the Ad Hoc Flash Fiction Competition – my first competition win since returning to writing. So I thought I’d share the winning piece with you below. It’s not my usual kind of flash fiction story, but I’m guessing most writers have experienced this…

 The Writing Process

Draft 1: Steve bought a cup of coffee.

Draft 2: Steve bought an extra-tall, triple-shot, non-fat latte.

Draft 7: Steve bought a grande latte from the pretty girl behind the counter.

Draft 11: Steve bought a latte from the smiling waitress who reminded him of his mother.

Draft 24: Steven Blake purchased a foamy latte from the waitress who looked uncannily like his mother.

Draft 46: Steven Palmer-Blake pulled out his gold credit card and paid the pretty waitress for his triple-shot, extra-tall, non-fat, extra-foam, mocha-latte with extra sprinkles, all the while thinking how much the waitress looked like his recently deceased mother.

Final draft: Steve bought a cup of coffee.