Ridiculous Writing Challenge #4


Possibly the worst writing challenge ever, but what the hell, it’s worth a shot.


To reorganise the text in one of the comments sitting in my spam box and turn it into something that makes a little more sense.


Not much point in rules. It’s a silly idea anyway…

My Offering

Greetings frkm Colorado!

I’m boored too tars att work. Comee oon over aand position ths putt uup higher! I’m loaded oon myy pbone. I’m shocked att howw quick you’ve interested me. Come sitt on somme veery vazlid points! I lovee aall the attention-grabbing plints you make on my iphone during lie down. Can’t wait tto take a lolk wen I gget home. I desire to see more and be happy! I’m not even using WIFI!

Thans =)

Ridiculous Writing Challenge #3

Writer’s block has made itself a lovely nest in my brain. Attempt number three to inject some inspiration into my grey matter.

Challenge #3

Write a 25-word story based on today’s Daily Prompt: Symptom


Exactly 25 words. Not 24. Not 26. 25.

My Attempt


Doctor Google

Milly typed her symptoms into Google. Bad idea. She either had PMS or she was in the throes of demonic possession. Similar symptoms. Different treatment.

Ridiculous Writing Challenge #2


Next one.

Challenge #2

6-6-6 photo prompt challenge using the photo above.


6 lines, each containing 6 words, with each word containing only one syllable (6-6-6).

My Attempt

The door won’t move. It’s stuck.

There’s no way out of here.

I see blood on the walls.

A big toe on the floor.

The mad man’s sat out there.

Just in case we make it.


Ridiculous Writing Challenge #1


In an attempt to break through my writer’s block, I decided to make up some pointless writing challenges, using ridiculous rules that serve no real purpose.

Challenge #1

To write five alliterative six-word stories.


All the words in each story have to start with the same letter.

My Attempt

1. Seven snakes slithered silently, seeking solitude.

2. Masked maniac meets match. Matrimony, maybe.

3. Coroner caught casually caressing cold corpse.

4. Fishy fireworks. Fragile flesh. Flamegrilled fingers.

5. Dishonourable demagogue deliberately defrauded downtrodden devotees.



Writer’s Block


So, after spending the whole weekend working on a difficult story for a competition, I now have a serious case of nothing-in-my-brain-ness. 

I’ve tried all the usual strategies: freewriting (ended up with a page full of swear words), writing for the Daily Prompt (stared at the word “label” for half an hour with a blank expression on my face), reading other people’s brilliant stories (hello self-doubt, nice to see you again), etc. I considered alcohol, but it’s only 8 AM here in England.

I was hoping that writing a post about writer’s block might help, but, as it turns out, I can’t think of anything to write.