Poem To The Two That Didn’t Make It


Forgotten Lovers

They lie together in sweat-stained sheets
Black tar running through corroded veins
Nights of violent rages and tender embraces
Bruised arms and scabbed feet that used to dance.

She’s screaming down the phone again
Her puffy eyes, red, filled with rage
She needs a fix, she needs her man
Can’t live together, can’t be apart.

He’s crying on the other end
His broken soul can take no more
She’s the only thing that makes it better
The only thing that makes it worse.

They sit down to eat their last meal together
A rainbow of pills and a bottle of vodka
No more tears, no more screaming
They cling to each other for one last dance.

Poem: Forgotten Travellers

Forgotten Travellers
The smell of cheap tobacco and diesel fumes,
Overhead lights bleaching colour from the world;
Globs of chewing gum dotted along the cold stone floor.
It’s the darkest hour, no stars to light this place.

Forgotten travellers curled up on the floor,
Clutching their belongings, overtired, freezing cold.
Suspicious eyes scan an unfamiliar face,
One more invisible warrior, never going home.