100-Word Story: Teeth

100 Word Story Teeth


Teeth. Lips. A face. Maybe.

It was hard to tell in the darkness.

They definitely had teeth. She could see those clearly.

Biters. That’s what they were calling them on social media.

No one knew where they came from. They just appeared one night, in the darkness. They appeared at the back of cupboards, in the corners of unused rooms, underneath children’s beds. Sometimes they appeared outdoors in the darkest parts of unlit streets.

Teeth, surrounded by something that could be a face. Or maybe nothing at all.

Teeth that seemed to float in the darkness. Grinning. Always grinning.

I wrote this for the Daily Prompt: Bitter, but I misread the prompt – I thought it said biter. Might be time to get some reading glasses.

100-Word Story: Scabs

100 Word Story Scabs


He slid a dirty fingernail around the edge of the scab and slowly peeled it back, exposing the raw meat underneath. Pinprick holes were still visible in the spongy flesh; holes left by the tiny parasites that had burrowed their way into his body.

He could feel them wriggling around beneath his skin, weaving their way through the network of nerves and veins. He wanted to dig his nails deep into his flesh and claw the tiny invaders out, one by one. But it was too late. He could already feel their microscopic teeth gnawing their way into his bones.

Written for the Daily Prompt: Exposed

100-Word Story: Endless Ending

100 Word Story Endless Ending

Endless Ending

Old Luke lies in a hospital bed, staring out from a body that no longer works. A body that will never work again. He watches the hazy figure that stalks the ward each night, touching the chosen ones lightly on the shoulder and releasing them from their flesh-covered prisons. Luke longs to feel the figure’s hazy hand on his shoulder. Some nights he tries to move, tries to shout, tries to blink his eyes – anything to get the figure’s attention. But it never even looks in his direction. It just walks on by and saves its gifts for younger men.

Written for the Daily Prompt: Panicked

100-Word Story: Museum Pieces

100 Word Story Museum Pieces

Museum Pieces

It was a time of great upheaval. Ordinary people were coming together and rising up against the insane ideas of their country’s leaders. The governments of the world desperately sought ways to regain control of their people. They pooled their resources and developed a little box that would tell people what to do, what to think, what to buy and how to behave. The little boxes were a roaring success, with one given pride of place in almost every home. Decades later the little boxes would be displayed in museums and labelled as the greatest mind control devices ever invented.

Written for the Daily Prompt: Control

100-Word Story: A Quiet Ending

100 Word Story A Quiet Ending

A Quiet Ending

The sound of dripping water filled the whole building. Every drip amplified by the silence outside.

Droplets of water glided slowly through the air, eventually splattering in the growing puddle on the floor.

Dirty water rolled into the cracks between the floor tiles, soaking through the rotten wood below and dripping into the space underneath the building.

A brown rat looked up just in time to see a droplet of the dirty water splash on to his face. The water seeped into his skin, infecting his tiny body with a virus that no human would live long enough to identify.

100-Word Story: The Measure of a Man

100 Word Story The Measure of a Man

The Measure of a Man

Eight men stand around a butcher’s table, their faces obscured by the flickering candlelight. Shadows dance across the ceiling as they carve and slice and tear meat away from the bone. Teeth, nails and strands of hair lie discarded on the blood-stained floor.

On the table, a fleshless young man stares out into a space he no longer sees. The skin that once covered his ample frame lies next to his bones, ready to be repurposed. When a world’s food supply runs out, the value of a man is measured by the amount of meat on his bones.

Written for the Daily Prompt: Measure

99-Word Story: Hello, Goodbye


Hello, Goodbye

“Hello.” The woman knelt down in front of Amelia and brushed her hand gently over the four-year-old’s long blonde hair.

Amelia looked up into the woman’s bright blue eyes and flashed her best smile. The young girl was old enough to understand that first impressions mattered in a place like this. She wasn’t the prettiest, the smartest or even the youngest child in the building, and if she wanted to find a new family, she had to catch their eye.

For one brief moment, she almost had the blue-eyed woman’s attention. Almost.

“Goodbye.” Amelia whispered to no-one but herself.

After being ill for the last few days and doing no writing at all, I thought I’d try and get back into the swing of things with the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge. But I’ve just realised I’m a day late. 😦

Still, it’s worth posting, if only to make it look like it hasn’t been nearly a week since I last posted on here.

99-Word Story: Captive Audience


Captive Audience

James scanned the crowd – his captive audience – searching for the faintest hint of compassion. He found none. They just sat there, staring at him through the glass – faces like ice carved into sombre death masks. They watched as the guard strapped him into the chair and hooked up the electricity. Some sneered, some smiled, but most just stared blankly, as if he were some other species, not made from the same type of flesh and bone as their family members. He prayed for the phone to ring – a last minute reprieve. It never came. Sometimes, justice got it wrong.

Written for Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction 99-Word Challenge

99-Word Story: Men Of Action


Men of Action

Joseph Smithson watched dragonflies skim across the lake, hovering above the water, looking for smaller insects to eat. Black fish drifted beneath the surface, avoiding his father’s fishing line.

He took out his school notebook and drew the outline of a dragonfly, sketching the intricate design of its body. He started to trace its delicate wings and felt a sharp pain across the back of his head. He turned to see his father towering over him.

“What are you, some kind of fairy?” His father bellowed.

Art was not the way of Smithson men. They were men of action.

Written for Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction 99 Word Challenge: Gone Art

100-Word Story: The Survivor



The Survivor

She was the survivor. They fell asleep together to find an escape route. She woke up. He didn’t. Her screams made the whole building tremble.

And perhaps we should’ve known right then – should’ve guessed. But we were young. We were thoughtless. Or maybe we didn’t care. Youth has its own reasons for inaction.

We watched in silence as she shuffled through the kitchen in her bare feet and dirty white robe. An apparition looking far away to some distant place; never looking us in the eye.

No one wanted to open her bedroom door the next morning. We already knew.