50-Word Story: Fluttering

50 Word Story Fluttering


Pink ribbons fluttered in the breeze, flapping against the little girl’s head. She giggled and swatted unruly strands of golden hair away from her face. The wind was getting stronger now; it was time to go home. The little girl spread her frosty wings and floated out over the mountains.

No horror today. The Daily Prompt, Pink, didn’t inspire anything horrifying. Although, I guess I could’ve written a story about skinless baby rats…

50 Word Story: Murmuration


50 Word Story Murmuration


Huge swarms of starlings soared into the sky. Millions of birds – confused, aimless, distressed – smashing into one another. Beaks cracking, wings breaking, insides spilling out. Broken bodies, feathered chaos, littered the streets. Tiny hearts and lungs squished under our feet. Within forty minutes the common starling was extinct.

50 Word Story: Footsteps


50 Word Story Footsteps


The doctors diagnosed nervous indigestion, but Sam didn’t believe them. He could feel something moving around in his stomach. Something walking across his stomach lining. Tiny footsteps slowly climbing up through his digestive system. Sometimes, if he screamed loud enough, the footsteps would stop. But they always started moving again.