50-Word Story: Fluttering

50 Word Story Fluttering


Pink ribbons fluttered in the breeze, flapping against the little girl’s head. She giggled and swatted unruly strands of golden hair away from her face. The wind was getting stronger now; it was time to go home. The little girl spread her frosty wings and floated out over the mountains.

No horror today. The Daily Prompt, Pink, didn’t inspire anything horrifying. Although, I guess I could’ve written a story about skinless baby rats…

50-Word Story: Tongue Tied

50 Word Story Tongue Tied

Tongue Tied

It started as a tiny seed trapped underneath a temporary filling in one of Terry’s molars. Too many glasses of lemonade caused the seed to sprout and take root in his gums. Tiny tendrils spread throughout his mouth, cracking his teeth and wrapping his tongue in a stringy green shroud.

Written for the Daily Prompt: Temporary

50 Word Story: Denial

50 Word Story Denial


Jenny noticed something odd about Ryan on their first date, but she assumed it was nerves. She told herself there was nothing wrong with him cocking his leg to pee or using his feet to scratch behind his ears. But licking his own balls in public was the last straw.

Written for the Daily Prompt: Denial

50 Word Story: Purple


50 Word Story Purple


Purple surrounds his blue eyes. Swollen eyelids tinged with shades of lilac and deep grey. One more battle lost. One more light extinguished in his soul. The imprint of her wedding ring still visible on his cheek. A brand he’ll wear for days to come, hidden under a sticking plaster.

50 Word Story: Instincts


50 Word Story Instincts


The dog was staring at him. Studying him. He could feel its eyes burning into the back of his head. He sensed the saliva pooling around its black lips. He could almost hear its hackles rising, springing into a canine mohican. It knew what he was planning. Dogs always knew.

50 Word Story: Murmuration


50 Word Story Murmuration


Huge swarms of starlings soared into the sky. Millions of birds – confused, aimless, distressed – smashing into one another. Beaks cracking, wings breaking, insides spilling out. Broken bodies, feathered chaos, littered the streets. Tiny hearts and lungs squished under our feet. Within forty minutes the common starling was extinct.

50 Word Story: Yesterday’s News


50 Word Story Yesterdays News

Yesterday’s News

A thin film of brown slime covered the old man’s body. An impenetrable membrane that refused to tear or break. The local news streamed live coverage of fire crews and volunteers attempting to break through the cocoon. Nothing worked. He just lay there. Silent. Blinking the tears from his eyes.

50 Word Story: Footsteps


50 Word Story Footsteps


The doctors diagnosed nervous indigestion, but Sam didn’t believe them. He could feel something moving around in his stomach. Something walking across his stomach lining. Tiny footsteps slowly climbing up through his digestive system. Sometimes, if he screamed loud enough, the footsteps would stop. But they always started moving again.

50 Word Story: Irrational Fears

50 Word Story Irrational Fears

Irrational Fears

There’s only one mirror in my home. I always keep it covered and never touch it after dark. I’m not afraid of seeing my reflection. I’m afraid of seeing what’s standing behind me. You might call it an irrational fear. But I know there’s something there that I can’t see.