75-Word Story: Giggles

75 Word Story Giggles


Colin saw little men everywhere. Tiny men. Minuscule men. Men so small that no one else could see them. He watched in horror as they tampered with the brakes on his wife’s old car. He tried to warn her. She said he was mad. And yet, in her last lucid moments, as the brakes failed and her car plunged over the edge of a cliff, she thought she heard tiny giggles coming from the dashboard.

Written for the Daily Prompt: Descend

75-Word Story: Regrets

75 Word Story Regrets


Marcus never stops thinking about that one girl. He lies in bed at night trying to figure out what went wrong. He replays their last night together over and over in his mind, wondering if he could’ve done things differently. Maybe he should’ve paid more attention to her or listened more intently. Maybe he should’ve tied the rope a little tighter or fattened her up so she couldn’t run away. Hindsight always arrives too late.

Sorry. I know, it’s terrible. It’s very late and I’m very tired, but I wanted to stick to my one-a-day-for-every-day-in-May pledge 🙂