75-Word Story: Giggles

75 Word Story Giggles


Colin saw little men everywhere. Tiny men. Minuscule men. Men so small that no one else could see them. He watched in horror as they tampered with the brakes on his wife’s old car. He tried to warn her. She said he was mad. And yet, in her last lucid moments, as the brakes failed and her car plunged over the edge of a cliff, she thought she heard tiny giggles coming from the dashboard.

Written for the Daily Prompt: Descend

200-Word Story: Going Viral

200 Word Story Going Viral

Going Viral

The man was naked, all except for a pair of sandals and a bright yellow tie that appeared to point down towards his dangling genitals. He ran onto the stage in the middle of a live political debate, watched by twelve million British viewers. He raised his hands and turned to the audience.

“I am the son of God.” He shouted at the crowd.

Horrified politicians stood by, wide-eyed and open-mouthed, as the man jiggled his genitalia and grinned into the camera. Security guards tried to grab him, but the man made a run for it and jumped up onto the podium, pushing the Prime Minister out of the way.

“I am the son of God.” He bellowed into the microphone.

Viewers at home stared at their TV sets and held their breath as security staff finally managed to wrestle the man to the ground.

The man became an overnight star. Within days of the debate, he signed a deal to star in his own TV show, The Naked Jesus. Nobody knew what the show was about, but it didn’t matter. The show was guaranteed to be an instant success.

Sorry, I didn’t manage to stick to writing a story every day throughout May – real life got in the way – but I gave it my best shot. 🙂

Written for the Daily Prompt: Farce

50-Word Story: Fluttering

50 Word Story Fluttering


Pink ribbons fluttered in the breeze, flapping against the little girl’s head. She giggled and swatted unruly strands of golden hair away from her face. The wind was getting stronger now; it was time to go home. The little girl spread her frosty wings and floated out over the mountains.

No horror today. The Daily Prompt, Pink, didn’t inspire anything horrifying. Although, I guess I could’ve written a story about skinless baby rats…

100-Word Story: Teeth

100 Word Story Teeth


Teeth. Lips. A face. Maybe.

It was hard to tell in the darkness.

They definitely had teeth. She could see those clearly.

Biters. That’s what they were calling them on social media.

No one knew where they came from. They just appeared one night, in the darkness. They appeared at the back of cupboards, in the corners of unused rooms, underneath children’s beds. Sometimes they appeared outdoors in the darkest parts of unlit streets.

Teeth, surrounded by something that could be a face. Or maybe nothing at all.

Teeth that seemed to float in the darkness. Grinning. Always grinning.

I wrote this for the Daily Prompt: Bitter, but I misread the prompt – I thought it said biter. Might be time to get some reading glasses.

100-Word Story: Scabs

100 Word Story Scabs


He slid a dirty fingernail around the edge of the scab and slowly peeled it back, exposing the raw meat underneath. Pinprick holes were still visible in the spongy flesh; holes left by the tiny parasites that had burrowed their way into his body.

He could feel them wriggling around beneath his skin, weaving their way through the network of nerves and veins. He wanted to dig his nails deep into his flesh and claw the tiny invaders out, one by one. But it was too late. He could already feel their microscopic teeth gnawing their way into his bones.

Written for the Daily Prompt: Exposed

75-Word Story: Regrets

75 Word Story Regrets


Marcus never stops thinking about that one girl. He lies in bed at night trying to figure out what went wrong. He replays their last night together over and over in his mind, wondering if he could’ve done things differently. Maybe he should’ve paid more attention to her or listened more intently. Maybe he should’ve tied the rope a little tighter or fattened her up so she couldn’t run away. Hindsight always arrives too late.

Sorry. I know, it’s terrible. It’s very late and I’m very tired, but I wanted to stick to my one-a-day-for-every-day-in-May pledge 🙂